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A company manufacturing electrical and illuminating engineering products which, throughout its almost 30 years history, has been able to develop an enviable technological know-how that now places it at the top of its speci c eld, for its innovating product oriented effort and the dynamism in the pursuing of market needs. Marlanvil is operating in both the international and the Italian market as a signi cant and competitive Italian plant. It manufactures domestic, industrial and tertiary products.Marlanvil follows the complete track, from development through the finished product. It has the highest quality in development and production; and it manufactures the following: Adaptable boxes, surface watertight enclosures, distribution boards, Flush mount distribution boards, wiring accessories, ush derivation boxes, Bulkheads, waterproof boxes and Indoor and outdoor oodlights ttings. It offers four series of modular wiring devices: Aqua, Onda, Venus and Arc.