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AAG Stucchi is an Italian company that produces electrical components for lighting, such as LED components, lamp holders for fluorescent lamps, discharge and halogen lamps, connectors, terminal blocks for lighting fixtures.

A.A.G. STUCCHI is an historical presence in the Italian lighting sector. It was founded in 1944 in Olginate (Northern Italy) where it still has its main base and “Made in Italy”
production department. As the export is very important the company has subsidiaries in France, USA, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Since its foundation the company has developed an important knowhow in terms of both traditional and LED lighting components production and sale all over the world.
From March 2014 A.A.G. Stucchi is part of GRUPPOSTUCCHI together with PFA an aluminum extruder. The creation of this group has lead to new business synergies, thus the development of ONETRACK, the new track lighting components range and CRYSTAL, the new heat sink product range. From March 2016 A.A.G. Stucchi has welcomed also EPC connectors in its product family, thus widening the product range for connectors.

The production consist of: 

. LED components
. ONETRACK- Track lighting components
. CRYSTAL heat sinks
. LAMPHOLDERS for fluorescent, discharge and incandescent lamps
. TERMINA BLOCKS for luminaries

A.A.G. STUCCHI is provided with a quality (ISO 9001 certificate) and environmental (ISO 14001 certificate) management systems.